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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a cost to clients?

Good Shepherd's Clothes Closet makes clothes available to clients at no cost to them.

Is there an intake process?

No. Our clients can receive vouchers from organizations in our community for obtaining clothing.

Does GSCC do off-site events?

Yes. We regularly do events at local elementary schools. Pay close attention to our events page to stay up-to-date on upcoming school events.

How often can clients come in for clothing?

Clients can come in with a voucher from participating organizations every 30 days.

What are the biggest clothing needs?

Our clothing needs change based on the seasons. Pay close attention to the news section of our website where we will update our current clothing needs.

Can I bring a group to volunteer?

Yes. We ask that volunteer groups schedule a time in advance and limit their numbers to 6-8 individuals. If children are coming they must be closely supervised by an adult.


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